Fun Things to Do When Visiting Baltimore County, Maryland

Baltimore County

Baltimore County is such a beautiful place to visit. There are various fun things to do in Baltimore County. You can explore the 214 miles of waterfront, then visit and enjoy the endless recreational opportunities, visit historical sites and museums and enjoy Halloween here. Now, let’s take a look at the best places you should visit in Baltimore County, MD.

Baltimore County

Going to National Register Historic District in Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Place is one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland. Ten-four- and three-story townhouses now that Baltimore’s elite single-family homes have been subdivided into apartments and offices. Beautiful mansions, churches, and civic buildings offer a wide range of architectural designs that combine to create one of the world’s most attractive metropolitan areas.

Visiting George Washington Monument

Shortly after George Washington’s death, some Baltimore residents decided to erect America’s first George Washington Memorial. Originally planned for downtown, the planned island caused controversy. Residents feared the island would collapse. To mitigate a possible tragedy, John Eager Howard (Maryland’s fifth governor), who had fought in the American Revolution under George Washington, created a new site.

Constructed of Cockeysville marble, the Washington Monument consists of a 165-foot Doric column rising from a non-rectangular base and topped by a 15-foot statue of George Washington. The traditional Greek lines set a tone of sophistication that has remained in Baltimore for nearly 200 decades.

Taking Baltimore Ghost Tours

Baltimore CountyConsidering Baltimore is a city rooted in history, folklore, and disaster, it’s really not surprising that a whole host of local ghost tours are offered in virtually all nine areas of the city. Most of these tours offer special tours or components of their tours in the month leading up to Halloween or possess special events on Halloween night. If you’re a drink lover, you’ll find some tours that combine ghost stories and bar visits. Baltimore ghost tours first launched in 2001. Now, it still going with six different tours. You can visit Fells Point Tavern Tour, Fells Point Tavern Wicked History Tour, and Mt. Vernon Ghostwalk. The tours only range from $14 to $22.

The next thing to do is to Go to Westminster Burying Ground and Catacombs. Westminster Cemetery and Catacombs host Halloween tours every year. Edgar Allen Poe is buried here, along with many other famous people. There is music by Count Dracula, performances of various parts of Poe’s works, and games and food. Groupon often has great deals on regional tours in the Baltimore area.

Seeing Attractive Animals in the Maryland ZooBoo

ZooBoo is Maryland Zoo’s annual Halloween event. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see the zoo in a new way with lots of activities like games, prizes, contests, live shows. Plus, there are two costume contests throughout the afternoon and face painting in case you forgot your costume. You’ll also have a distinctive enrichment program throughout the day where keepers get to show off their experience and expertise alongside the creatures while educating others about ZooBoo is not an additional prize, regular Zoo tickets cover the occasion, but some promotions may require an additional prize.